Becoming – Review


Genre: Memoir

Rating: 5/5

I am not really a fan of memoirs, especially from celebrities and politicians. As someone who was a creative writing major, I know how FREAKING hard it is to write a book and be successful, so 1) I resent that these celebrities pretend they can write and hire ghostwriters to tell their “story”, and 2) I resent that the ghostwriters never get credit. With politicians, I just get frustrated that they spent the time “writing” a book when they should’ve been representing the people of this country – and most of the time, again, they did not write it, and a ghostwriter was used – and so my circle of resentment continues.

All that to say – I have no idea if Michelle wrote this book, but regardless, it was phenomenal. Michelle was neither a celebrity or a politician – she was a person thrown into extraordinary circumstances, and I am thrilled for her that she was able to have a voice in this book and tell her story. If someone else told it, props that ghostwriter, though I do believe Michelle was qualified and skilled enough to write her own memoir. It read as incredibly personal, and was extremely revealing.

I’m a huge fan of the Obama family. President Obama is the first President I ever voted for, as I turned 18 less than two weeks before he ran for re-election against Mitt Romney. I proudly went to the polls with my parents in our notoriously conservative town and checked the Democratic box.

Michelle discussed her childhood through meeting Barack through the growth of their family through the election and presidencies, and then finally through to Trump’s win. I was impressed by her ability to write with passion and resilience, as an advocate not just for her race but for all minorities, and yet despite the politics she presented, she came off as polished.

I wish Michelle WOULD run for president, though she promised us she would not. This memoir proves that her character is as impeccable as we believed, and I think a lot of women and minorities will resonate with her. I hope that if nothing else, this book sparks a conversation over your table this holiday season, and that you’ll advocate the way that Michelle has!


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